Hello, I'm rocus.org.
Are you a member of an activist group in Rochester?
If so, please use me!

rocus.org is operated by Rochester Indymedia in order to help local activist groups and other grassroots organizations take better advantage of the internet. The goal is to help groups use the internet to communicate better and get the word out about themelves.

If you are part of a group, please consider making use of rocus.org. We currently offer many services and are willing to help you get started using them. We understand that no one wants to spend a bunch of time setting up an email list, so we have worked to make things quick to set up and maintain. We also know that the internet can be a confusing and intimidating place sometimes. We are happy to explain all our services and help you figure out what things are useful for your group.

If you want to get started or have any questions, please send an email to: ben(at)rocus.org.

rocus.org is currently set up to provide the following services:

Email Lists

Let rocus.org take care of sending your group's mass emails. All email lists come with a nice web interface that people can use to easily subscribe and unsubscribe -- without you having to worry about it. Past emails are archived on the web, so folks can see old discussions. Also, users can select digest mode, where emails are combined into a single weekly email. Here's a rundown of the different types of lists:

Web sites

Make a website for your group! For all of these, we can set you up with a web address that looks like "yourgroup.rocus.org". If your group already has a domain name, we can work with that too. We currently support these kinds of sites:

What we don't do (yet)

Although we are happy to set you up with any of these services and are willing to set up others, the one thing that we can't do is design webpages for groups. If you are in a group that just wants a simple webpage set up, maybe a wiki would work for you? Wikis start out as a simple template that you can just fill in with details about your group. It's not too hard and we are willing to answer any questions that come up.

Editorial Policy for Mailing Lists/Webpages for Rocus

Rochester Indy Media Center created Rocus as a means to assist local Rochester grassroots organizations. Rochester Indy Media Center does not endorse any group or individual that uses this service. Groups and individuals that are interested in using Rocus should contact Rochester Indy Media. Once the request is made the Rochester Indy Media editorial members will decide if the group or individual meets the criteria established by the collective.


If you are interested in any of these things or want more info, please send an email to ben(at)rocus.org and I'll be happy to work with you.